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The Pink House Gallery
About Us

Soon this page will have a history of the wonderful little building that has been called the Pink House since 1694. Built as a tavern and bordello for English seamen whose ships docked at the end of the cobblestone street, it has been used as artist's studios, entertainment location, and law offices over the years. It has been an art gallery since 1987.

Here is a picture of the three artists that founded the Pink House Gallery and whose work is featured there.

Pink House Partners at a Party
Alice Grimsley, Sandy Bennington, and Bruce Krucke

Here is photo showing the new and the old. The Pink House this year and at the turn of the last century

Old and New
Two views of the Pink House

Our Employees

The Pink House Gallery doesn't have any employees. We each take care of the business two days a week. If we are unable to do a day, we have two wonderful friends who are usually available--Marsha M. Blandenburg and Julia S. Rivers. They are both also very fine artists and show some of their work in our gallery.

Pink House Gallery * 17 Chalmers St.* Charleston, SC 29401