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The Pink House Gallery

Bruce W. Krucke

Three paintings by Bruce W. Krucke
Bruce is known for her ability to capture the expressions of the animals she paints.

The eclectic art of painter/naturalist Bruce Watts Krucke reflects her broad range of interests. From animals and florals to beaches and Charleston street scenes, her work is influenced by her life of world travel, especially living in Japan and eleven African photo safaris.

With a vibrant use of color rarely seen in aquamedia, Bruce's style is very 'painterly', neither too detailed, nor too loose. She strives to depict the animals very accurately as the important focus of the painting, leaving the backgrounds often almost abstract. Krucke is widely known for her 'eye' paintings of various mammals. Her paintings have won many awards and she has had several solo exhibitions featuring African animals. Her watercolors, reproductions, and commissions hang in corporate and private collections throughout the world.

The Kruckes have three grown sons and live by a tidal creek in a rural setting, very close to nature with their doberman pincher. Bruce is a cum laude graduate of Sweet Briar College in Virginia, but her art comes from within, along with a burning desire to be creative.

Bruce has in the last few years become a devotee of the computer and wrote art information for the Sony website, Emazing, for nearly a year. She has also built an extensive website for herself with an online catalog showing all her prints and some originals. It also features five virtual safaris, photo-illustrated journals done by Bruce, that you might enjoy vicariously. The website may be accessed simply by clicking on the pictures above.

She loves receiving e-mails from website visitors and, of course, art may be ordered from the site also.

Bruce has recently begun offering some of her African photographs for sale.  They are featured in the 2003 safari on her website:  http://www.toogoodoostudios.com   Please contact her if you are interested in prints or high definition computer images.  Another venue on which her nature photography can be seen and ordered is:  http://brucescpix.blogspot.com  


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Bruce W. Krucke's website: www.toogoodoostudios.com